Thunatellie Z ° 07/06/2014

Thunder vd Zuuthove x Heartbreaker
Daughter of Donnatellie BWP, brown, mare of Heartbreaker.Jump 1m45.
Granddaughter of Frau Godiva jump 1m40.

Happydam ° 14/08/2007 (SOLD)

Quidam de Revel x Narcos II

A Don’t Care LUX Z° 20/04/2023 (SOLD)

Sea Coast Don’t Touch Tiji Hero x Corland VDL

A Dunas LUX Z° 22/03/2023 (SOLD)

 Diarado x Thunder Van de Zuuthoeve

Andenta Z ° 07/06/2014 (SOLD)

Andiamo Z x VDL Cardento

CISCO  LUX Z° 18/05/2020 (SOLD)

Cicero Z x Heartbreaker x Voltaire

ASCO LUX Z° 06/06/2020 (SOLD)

Asca Z  x Le tot de semilly  

Kastaar LUX Z° 11/06/2020 ( SOLD)

Kasanova de la Pomme X  VDL Corland

Eqante ° 18/05/2004 (SOLD)

VDL Cardento x Godehard

ARETZZIA  LUX Z° 15/05/2020 (SOLD)

Arezzo VDL x Diamant de semilly  

Khadaffi Z ° 26/06/2015

Kannan x Heartbreaker x Voltaire

Tababbe JH Z° 18/04/2020

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve X  Bamako de Muze X VDL Corland